DeMint and the GOP establishment

Interesting piece in Politico today about Senator DeMint’s fracas with the GOP leadership.

From various discussions I’ve had, it’s becoming pretty clear that DeMint is planning to challenge McConnell for the GOP’s senate leadership, whether they win the upper house back in November or not. Either way, it will be hard for McConnell to do this for two reasons:

  1. If they win, it will be an endorsement of McConnell’s regime.
  2. If they lose, it will be blamed on DeMint’s decision to endorse the Christine O’Donnell’s of this world.

Either way it looks like DeMint is really squaring up for a fight. Given McConnell’s unpopularity with much of the GOP’s base, expect to see plenty of Tom Coburn – an ally of McConnell who has a great deal of credibility with the party’s faithful.


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