Stuff I’ve been up to (Ukraine, citizenship, CVS)

I know… After pledging to update the blog a bit more I go silent for a month or so.  

Anyway, I’ve been trying to write a bit more for the Daily Caller.  I had a blast writing this piece for them on why Ukrainian membership for NATO is probably the dumbest thing we could do right now.  I’ve had some good feedback on it so far, so please do share. 

I also wrote about my U.S. naturalization ceremony which, alas, was really an ode to the Department of Homeland Security.  My experience was a real shambles.

Finally, my post on why the right should be condemning, and not condoning, CVS received a great deal of interest.  I even had random people emailing me about how much they enjoyed it.  Which was nice.


About ewanwatt

In no particular order... Scottish, Washington D.C.-based political consultant, Aberdeen Football Club fan, husband, Minnesota Vikings fan, Minnesota Twins fan, music snob, ardent reader...
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