The Donald’s Immigration ‘Plan’

So after he was accused of having no policy details to back up his constant barrage of insults, it looks like Donald Trump has decided to add some meat to the bones to where he’s arguably strongest: immigration policy.

According to The Donald he would declare economic warfare on Mexico via tariffs and other economic penalties in order to coerce their government into paying for a wall on the border, thus (magically) halting illegal immigration.

Other than this making zero economic sense, one has to wonder how this would actually play out politically. Could this not lead to a massive upswing (y’think?) in anti-American sentiments across the border which would, inevitably, be seized upon by a left-wing zealot seeking power.

If successful in their pursuit of power, this individual could lead Mexico to economic ruin and therefore exacerbating the number of individuals seeking a better life in the United States. All of this without Mexico ever spending a dime on building a stupid fence.

Just a thought.


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In no particular order... Scottish, Washington D.C.-based political consultant, Aberdeen Football Club fan, husband, Minnesota Vikings fan, Minnesota Twins fan, music snob, ardent reader...
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